Dear Stefan , 
Hope this letter finds you enjoying yourself ! I am writing to you to share a very embarrassing experience that happened with me last weekend! As you already know I have bought a new  sport bike. I went to school on it. After the college, all new classmates ( of course the girls too) decided to have a small get together at a nearby restaurant. We had a nice time, knowing the new faces. After the get-together, as we were preparing to leave , one of the new girls asked me if I could do any stunt on my new bike. You know my heady nature. In order to impress my new friends, I tried to do a trick. You can imagine what has happened? As the rear tyre went up, I lost my balance, and fell on the road. The new motorcycle was damaged! I have minor inhjuries . Everyone made fun odf me , especially the beautiful girls .  Don't presume I won't repeat my stunts! You know the stuff I am made of! How is your college going on?

Your loving friend, Matei .