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Dear Diary

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Dear diary ,
Today was the very first day after the winter break . I could say  it was a good one , till 10 o`clock…that`s when my history class started . Two hours listening to that teacher speaking about dead guys , what a nice way of spending your morning , right ? Even so , I would have preferred that instead of what actually happened . As you can remember , a  month ago I had that plain simulation of my summer exam , which it truly is plain in my eyes , but for the teachers is like holly grail…thus giving the fact that my history teacher wasn t quite happy about my grade  , so he said that he will give me time till Friday to learn  4 chapters . Now…maybe for some this wouldn t be a problem , but I don t like spending my time reading about history . I like history nonetheless , actually love listening stories about it , and I truly am fascinated by the WW1 and WW2  , but reading about it…bleah . That * bleah * describes pretty much my feelings about school in general , I am struggling to find one single good motivation for me to pay attention to classes , but there is none , specially when that big , blue sky is standing right in the corner of my left eye , with these big , white and fluffy clouds . I can hear them calling for me , cause that s where I belong ,  and that s where I shall go , among these beautiful giants made of water that burst your imagination into flames with their countless shapes . Teachers keep trying sometimes to motivate me by telling me that I will get a bad grade or that I won t pass the class , which will work , for just a few days , during which I will learn , get a good grade and then forget about that class again knowing for sure that I will pass it . And that s what my history teacher is doing right now . He said that I won t pass this semester at his class , but I will , I know I will , the same way I have been doing it for 8 years .



I feel you! This year, the history courses were so boring! I can say that I have a passion for WW 1 and 2 too. I watch a lot of tv shows about that and I find it very interesting. But I really don't like the subjects this year because I'm mot interested in knowing every detail about the consolidation of the Romanian medieval states or things like that. It's so boring! And we have to learn EVERY detail! So, the sky becomes very interesting for me too. Especially during the History, Romanian and French classes. And don't worry about that, you'll pass. I don't think he's serious. He just wants to scare you.
Good luck tomorrow!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Dear Diary