In modern society, the increasingly amounts of clothing advertisement and model show imply that fashion trends is going to be an essential factor in our life.
In my opinion , we should wear whatever we want , for a number of reasons .
Firstly , corporate world has a tendency to regard people with no interest in fashion as ugly and social outcast. This has profound impact on high school girls. Not all fall under the spell, but typically the trendy ones prefer to stay in their own fashionable group, isolating those who are serious about studies and don't care about fashion. In most cases, they form their own little groups. Do we need this kind of division at the tender age of 15?
Secondly , it s not quite being economically, following fashion trends frequently means put a heavy burden on people's budget, which is absolutely not a smart idea in today's recessionary conditions.
However, you ever notice how with each passing age our outfit options decrease? When we reach 40 we stick to less flashy colors and designs. After the age of 60, we get more formal and thus prefer more seriousness in our dressing style. The best time of our lives falls between the ages of 14 and 28. Most fashion trends are designed with the young group in mind. Hence, we have a wide variety of clothes to choose from. Why not enjoy it while it lasts? There will always be time for plain clothes. They never go out of fashion.
In the end ,  people only need to prepare several popular clothing for particular occasions. In terms of megastars, however, I believe their careers require them to put emphasis on current clothing trends .