Relationships have been around since the beginning of mankind. There are many goals in life that people pursue and having a soul mate is one of them. One type of relationship that is practiced most among teenagers is long distance relationships.
In my opinion , a long distance relationshiop won`t last for long for a number of reasons .
Firstly , words are nothing without action, but with the distance between you two, any and almost all action is impossible. So you make up for this impossibility with words, but words only tell and do nothing in showing the person on the other side of the world what and how you feel. You keep sending long messages to each other until you see that words never make up for physical absence. You can only write or say ďI love youĒ so many times until all it becomes is an empty bunch of letters put together into a sentence that will never be enough to mean anything.
Secondly , Youíre in a relationship, but you are unhappy. You close your eyes sometimes, count to 10, and before you open them, thereís a tiny bit of hope in you that the person you love will be right in front of you. You sometimes get lost in your video calls and touch your laptop screen thinking you might be able to feel the warmth of her (or his) face. But you canít. And it makes you feel like shit.
However , spending some time on your own is quite beneficial as it might help you discover some new interests or hobbies, realize what you want to achieve in life, in what direction you want to move and whatís more. And once you have a clear goal towards your future, it will be easier to build a meaningful and fulfilling relationship.
In the end ,  you realize it doesnít matter if youíve remained patient and faithful the whole time, because nothing in the relationship is in your control. The situation is out of your hands, and when thatís the case, itís all bound to fail. Thatís the harsh reality of long distance relationships .