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Diary 3

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Dear diary,
Today was Monday once again. I dreaded this day all weekend. I had forgotten to complete my homework; instead all weekend I had been texting My boyfriend. Mumís beginning to become extremely annoying. Sheís been telling me to Ďshape upí. Iíve been ignoring all my chores and Iím becoming more antisocial every day. Iíve completely disregarded all my responsibilities as my mind is always spinning out of control. Today I just got more homework assigned, I had a history test and Iím pretty sure Iíve failed it. I HATE MONDAYS.
                                   See you Soon,



I fully understand all the thoughts you have here. I hate Monday, homework and history, too. Related to your parents.. I think that they want only good for you and maybe it makes them a little rough. Have a nice weekend and good luck at school!  :love:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Diary 3