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Diary 1

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Dear diary,
Mum hasnít been helping much lately; she tells me Iím the one always complaining but sheís the one complaining about my complaints; She doesnít realize trying to stay on top of school work, have fun and actually have a social life is a lot harder than it sounds. She can be a complete pain in the behind; but I know That sometimes i give her reasons to complain about me. Iím extremly lazy, i never feel like doing my homework or studying and i have No idea about my future. I just hope everything will turn out good.
                                  See you soon,



It is in the mothers' nature to be "annoying" sometimes, is part of their work. However, you have to understand that everything she does (even what you dislike) is for your own good, believe me or not. We ( the teenagers) have the impression that they can not fully understand what we feel, but we're so wrong about it..  :huh:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Diary 1