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Teenagers should drive

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Teenagers crave independence. As they grow into young adults, they feel the need to spread their wings and fly away from their parents.Driving is important because it allows teenagerís  transition from childhood into adulthood independently. Having access to a drivers license means that you feel free, independent and this is of major importance to most teenagers. I believe teenagers should drive a car for a number of reasons:
      First of all, a driving license represents an advantage for reaching places you want to go because you donít have to wait for public transport or to bear the nasty smells and the crowd from buses.
      Second of All, teenagers should drive because they become more responsable, learning to be careful for their own safety. Also, at this age they have more time for learning and practicing their skills for driving than later in life.
In conclusion, teenagers should drive because they need faster transport and they become more responsable.



I think driving shouldn't be our priority, shouldn't be the first thing we want to do as soon as se become adults. For me, for example, driving isn't a way to feel independent and free, it's just something that brings a lot of responsibilities and problems. Of course, it depends on the person too. We are so different and have different reactions in the exact same situation.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Teenagers should drive