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Parents shouldn’t reward children for grades

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Nowdays, Parents desperately try to convince their children that school is important and that they need good grades So they reward them with money. In my opinion children shouldn’t be paid for getting good grades at school for a number of reasons.
     First of All, grades don’t measure intelligence. It’s so wrong to think That someone isn’t smart because they have bad grades. A child could dislike a subject and get bad grades, but  be brilliant in another one. That way, the parents reward becomes pointless.

       Second of All, by receiving an award from parents children will develope a bad habit: they’ll always expect rewards for everything they do.  They should know That in life you have to work hard for What you want and the Best reward will become The fact That your dreams come true.
In conclusion, children should work for accomplishing their dreams, rather than expecting money for everything they do.



I agree with you. Children learn for them and their future, not for their parents. They have to be aware that it is a necessity. Thus, parents should not give money to children for good grades, but not to punish them for just two to three small grades. When a child has only small grades because he is lazy, parents have a reason to punish him. But only then. My parents do not argue or punish me if I took a small note. But I do not even give money because I took a big note. If my parents give me money, they do that because I'm their child. But in no case because I took a big note, because it's a big stupid thing.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Parents shouldn’t reward children for grades