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Dear diary

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Dear diary,
Itís just awful. How time passes and how you do not notice that you did nothing useful? Itís like youíre trapped in your own body not being capable to do something, to go somewhere, to talk with anyone. You just donít feel like it. Youíre not in the mood for anything; dynamic people around you, talking about things you should be concerned about too make it worse. You know trying to escape from this world is not the solution; there, in the back of your mind are these thoughts that stress you out because you have to start to work hard if you want to succeed. You donít want to be a disappointment, for yourself and for people who have expectations from you. You know you can do it, you know youíre capable, you know you used to be the best. What happened?
They donít really motivate you; these encouraging words were said just because ďfriendshipĒ and ďyou complain too much, shut upĒ, but youíre tired of falsehood and you slowly become more and more absent.
I used to be a punctual person. Always in time. Now Iím late even in my imaginary world.
Itís just a phase, right?



You have a very well outlook on life. With all the motivation we have in us, sometimes we really forget who are and fall prey o people around us, often people who want evil. It is just as frustrating as the life is relative, how at a time when we had everything we can get to another moment in which we`ve lost everything. I also need a `imaginary world`.  :idea:



Fortunately, I strongly believe that this is just a phase. I used to be this hole other person. Someone died. After that, I was hoping that somehow Iíll wake up and realize that all of it had been a dream. Time has passed. I managed to find my rhythm and return to the person I once was. I guess what Iím trying to say is that the person you once were is still in there. You just have to find your way back. Trust yourself. You are going to be fine.

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Dear diary