Dear diary ,
I did not have such a weekend for a long time. Friday I went on a trip with my old friends from the 8th grade. The chosen destination was Brasov, but of course the situation degenerated. In this sense, we find that we were on the wrong train, and we actually got to Craiova. Now, even if we were not in Brasov, we had to have fun, it was our weekend. But how much can you do in Craiova?, besides looking for desperate accommodation. When we finally stayed at a 2-star hotel, decent for the price, we went to see what to visit ....... in Craiova. I had the surprise to find Dragos, a colleague and good friend of mine, who drove us to the places that deserved to be visited. Of course we end up in club. Now, honestly, I do not know exactly what happened in the club, I just remember that at some point with my friends we got on the train without luggage and we woke up the next day in Brasov train station. It was a whole adventure to go home without money, phones or luggage. Luckily with a simple phone, the people we were staying in Craiova sent us our luggage by courier. Overall It was a great weekend.

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