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Dear diary

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I think that this time I am trapped for more than 2 years in a boring and small city.
I didnít think that uni life will suck this bad. The complex where I stay is full of girls who get drunk night after night and literally throw up in the lobby. The people are too noisy and after all of it, neither my colleges class are better, most of them are too nerdy and donít give you a damn thing (for ex a pen), I need hardly say they donít give you their notes of some class.
I donít know how much time I will resist, I just canít fit here. In my free time I go to Amsterdam to visit my friend and to have some good time after a crappy week. At least, there I have what to do and where to hang out, my city is to small and full of cats (I hate them) and nothing interesting to do (not that I would have some friends there with whom I can hang out).
I really hope and pray to change something in my ďuni lifeĒ experience. I will keep you updated if for some miracle will happen something good.



I'm sorry you do not get along with your colleagues, but I want you to know that to be natural is very important. Be the person you are in your daily life, be YOU!
P.S. I can always borrow you a pen,but I just want to know that you will give it back to me.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Dear diary