Dear Diary.
Yesterday was Dec. 25, Christmas. Overall, it was a beautiful day due to family reunion, because these reunions are occurring more and more rarely. Even though we were all, that did not prevent the problems from occurring in the preparation of Christmas. Because my sister was tired, the task of adorning the Christmas tree came back to me this year. From this point on, the situation gets more complicated. My enthusiasm was contradicted by the Christmas Gods. After breaking about a quarter of the Christmas balls meant to embellish the Christmas tree, another quarter was broken by our cat Tom. Going over the Christmas balls stage, the turn of the lights came. Again, my enthusiasm, as it remained, was contradicted by the gods of electricity. After putting the lights on  tree, I realize that half of them do not work. In my desperate obsession with having a perfect Christmas tree, I tried to repair the light fixtures. It all ended up being electrocuted 5 times, which also says something about my extremely stubborn nature. I could stop the second time when I corrected myself, but not. Finally, I quit trying to fix them, and in the meantime, it was 20 o'clock, when the whole family was ready to celebrate Christmas. And so it's a normal Christmas in my family, to stay with your relatives after you have been electrocuted 5 times.