Dear diary,
I have the most wonderful family, not that you have a chance to know, but believe me, I have the a wonderful family. And I know what you're thinking, why should I start a diary page with a family statement ? , and you will understand why at the end. It was a wonderful day, December 31st. At that time I was in Bucharest with my sister Larisa and her friend Dragos. Through a repetitive formula of starting in the morning, drinking coffee  and we were  thinking about how we would have fun with the New Year's Eve, with a lot of wine, in the living room, accompanied by Dan Negru. At one point, Dragos, through his characteristic nonconformism, thought he had not seen his long-distant relatives in Braila, considering it a very beautiful way to spend the New Year's Eve. With these being said, in an hour I was in Braila. This is why the story becomes very interesting. Since Andrei has pulled the bottle of wine on the table, I do not really remember the backsides. The fact is I woke up on January 1, sleeping on the rug, with Andrei's cat as a pillow.
Finally, I return to the initial idea, what a normal sister lets her drunk brother to sleep on carpet?

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