Dear Diary,
Today, I felt the need to talk with you just like when I was a kid.
As I was telling you, yesterday, my life is falling apart, my parents just break up, me and my boyfriend keep fighting about everything and my boss just keep to put a lot of pressure on my shoulders than other peers. I donít know how to control those situations and how to maintain a good relation with everyone in this moment.
I need a little time just for myself, to forget all of my problems and to relax just for a few days, to read my favorites books and to listen some good music.
I think I should be more open to new opportunities and to make some changes on my life, maybe I should listen more and to make myself clear on some situation, maybe I should resign and look out for another job that doesnít occupy all of my free time. Yeah, thatís what I am going to do, I hope that things will going to be better for me.