January 10, 2018
Dear diary,
Although school hasn’t started yet, my Awesome geography teacher called our class to school for some extra work on geography, for those who were interested. Of course I went because she’s one of the few people I know that are so dedicated to their work and because I love her. She shares my sign and my love for Murakami, what more could I ask from a teacher? We stayed 2 hours at school and then we headed home. It happens that she stays in the same neighborhood as I do but today I had to pick up my order from Elefant – two books (They finally arrived. I’m so excited!) and I couldn’t go home with her.  After I told her that, she said it was okay and she asked me what books I had ordered. As you know they were – “Men without women” By Murakami and “Anna Karenina” By Tolstoy. Crazy thing happened next. When she heard about Murakami she wouldn’t stop talking about him and the books that she read. She told me that her favorite book is “Sputnik, Sweetheart” and obviously she asked me if I had read it. Unfortunately my answer was “no”. I knew what the book was about but I thought that it would be too cheesy for my taste so I had decided not to read it. The next thing I remember after I told her “no” is that she disappeared and I saw her seconds later at a newsstand. After a minute she came to me and gave me a book. It was “Sputnik, Sweetheart”. She told me to trust her when she says that it is a good book and then we parted ways. I started to read it the minute I got home. I read about half the book on an empty stomach and I didn’t even notice it till my mom asked me if I had had something to eat. I really like the book and now I’m going to finish it. I'm going to tell you how it ends soon.

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