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dear diary

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January 15, 2018
Dear diary,
WHAT THE FUCK! FUUUUUCK FUUUUUUCKING FUUUUUUCK! Hope my mom doesnt see this. So, today was shit. As you probably guessed school started. As always a magnificent old lady stole my seat in the bus this morning. No biggie, I was asleep anyways. I literally was sleeping when I set foot in the class. I got three hours of sleep last night and sadly, two cups of coffee did nothing for me. Anyways, my beautiful classmates made it their mission to wake me up with some high quality music, listened only by high class members of society commercial music (manele) - of course. Love them, good people.  After that, my English teacher decided to mess a little with our free time which can hardly be called free and told us that the homework assignments were supposed to be done till today. Guess what? Like 90% of the class had only done like half the assignments, including me. All good, awesome, I decided not to let these events affect me. History class came and the teacher seemed cheerful till he pulled out of his bag our tests and started throwing around grades like 6, 5, 7 you get the idea. I got 6,70. Mediocre since I was expecting at least an 8. My mom will certainly buy me an " I scream" for that. When I got home I went straight to bed and took a really good nap and here I am now writing in my diary instead of doing homework. Shame on me. Id better get started, talk tomorrow.

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I really liked the `manele`part. You made me laugh! :rofl:  How about school, I undestand you perfectly. Sometimes I can really do too many things, especially about history class. Is a total calvary and I can not wait to get away with it. Take things easy and leave nothing to affect you! Be strong! :flag:



I'm really sorry for your bad moments :)) That's life, it sometimes happens :)) Sleep more, do not miss nights with things that are not worth it, seriously now !!! Be happy with life, listen to music of any type you want! I did not write the English composition at the right time, but the teacher is understandable! In history, I suggest you accept the reality, I got the fifth grade and I'm happy in one way or another :)



I thought you quit drinking coffee :)). You can't say you don't like 'manele'. I saw you dancing and humming (the whole song); also your face seemed to be quite excited and that smile... surely convinced me. I can't remember if I had seen you happier before. Don't stress yourself with things that don't really matter (like your test result) but make sure you stay focused on your purposes (the final exam). Keep your head up! You're the best.

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