January 1, 2018
Dear diary,
We are officially starting a new chapter!! I canít believe that this year Iím going to take the final exams and then *puff* no more high school. Anyways, this is not what I was going to tell you. Last night was awesome! As you already know, yesterday I was so worried that Iím going to spend New Yearís Eve alone. Turns out it didnít go how I thought it would. I went to my motherís godmother with my mom so she wouldnít feel alone and by the time I was back home, pops had already left for his girlfriend's. Gosh they will get married soon, I totally forgot. Back to yesterday. Mom decided to stay at Mariaís and left me with the cat.  Seeing all that empty space in my house made me think for a second that it is actually bigger but this is not the case. Anyway, around 10 P.M Lisa texted me and invited me to her place which was odd because she said the other day that she is going to spend the New Yearís Eve with her family and boyfriend at her auntieís house. I replied in like a second and she invited me to come along with them. After all these years, I never knew that her auntie lives in Copou. Anyway, we ate, we drank, we played Monopoly, we sang and we stayed up all night having fun. Now Iím just feeling at peace with everything. I have a great feeling about this year. I hope that Iíll find time to write more often.

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