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Childish joy - Journal page 3

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5th of May 2018

Dear Diary,
Since I did not write to you, a lot of things happened to me - both good and bad. I went through a very happy time that lasted just for a second, but I'm experiencing it again and again in my mind, but also a period full of new responsibilities awaits me.
In a few days I will be 1, and become an adult. At least, that what I think at this moment. In fact, I would like to stop the time when I was 5 years old. I was such a cheerful child and always when my parents were gone, I had the talent to convince my sister to make a bruise together.
I remember how once we went together to our grandparents in the countryside. It had been a long rain before, and the street was full of mud and large holes in which small lakes had formed. All the kids there were playing unhurried in that mud, so I figured why not I do it? I could not go alone, so I convinced my sister too. We both walked and put our feet in that mud. Today, I would never have done that. While dancing in my improvised pool, a red car was seen on the horizon. I could not believe what was going to happen. Our parents had come to surprise us and take us home sooner. As I ran to my grandmother's yard to hide, I realized I had forgotten to tell my sister that I had seen our parents.
What followed was a serious quarrel with our parents and I remember that we did not go to our grandparents for a while. But it was worth it. I can still remember that joy, that sense of freedom... It's a memory that I like to relive over and over. Sometimes my sister tells her, though she does not listen to me or stops me before the denouement because she remembers that she was the one who was truly punished.
But now? What's next? Will I ever be able to live such a childish joy? Or are these the last pages of this chapter? I do not know, it remains to be seen, but I feel that this year's anniversary will be totally different to my soul.
Until then I hope Iíll write your more about my birthday cake which I plan to do it myself.

All my good thoughts,



Dear Casper, I completely understand the situation you are in. Adulthood can be really scary, but it has its good parts too. We will feel that kind of freedom again but in a different way. Yes, we will have more responsibilities, but that child, that version of ourselves will always be there, in us. In fact, we will always be children, in the eyes of our parents at least, in the eyes of the unknown, or maybe in the eyes of our friends. We donít have to forget about that side of ourselves, no matter what and no one should ask us to do so.



In thermes of structure, your writing is impecable: it is cohesive and full of details. I love that when you read it ,you don't get bored or tend to skip paragrphs as your essay is extremely engaging. As far as my opinion about the situation you are in goes, I believe that adtulthood is a struggle that we all face at some point in our lives. To be honest , in my mind age and appearence don't matter as far as you consider yourself to be young and restless. We all should have a small dose of imaturity at least in some places in our lives. Otherwise, it would all be dull and boring. I believa that that life is ajourney of endless ups and downs in general , and adulthood shouldn't be seen as a separate part of our lives, but as a change of circumstance.

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Childish joy - Journal page 3