20th of December 2018

Dear Diary,
It's been a while since I last note here what my soul has to say. I watched you under my pillow, in the heat, away from the outside world - a world so bad and full of things that shakes your consciousness.
These days I tried to put my thoughts in order. Holiday break bring a lot of joy to my home. Things are different. It's like even the morning coffee - which I drink because of necessity  with closed eyes and slowly - tastes better. I love the winter and love the winter holidays because it gives me the time for me, the time to wear socks with penguins and the reindeer of Santa Claus and to watch many, many movies and series.
So, being the holiday after the exams, I chose to spend a little time seeing a short series - a list of 10 episodes of dramatic situations that would satisfy my need for emotion and sensationality. Also, the show is a Turkish drama, and with it I also satisfy my passion for the Middle East issue.
The series follows the life of a young woman in a family with financial problems. Ironically, the only one who has a job in that family is the girl. She is the one who financially supports the family from a salesgirl's salary in a clothes store. She happens to be the victim of her family - the victim of a father who chooses to sell her for two apartments to a man older than him. The scene in which her father leaves his daughter in the wilderness where her future husband was going to take her and keep her seized is the most dramatic scene I've ever seen in a movie or series so far.
What really made me think is why the father has reached such a level of dehumanization. I told this to my father and sister: they both were shocked and they told me that the father did that because he belonged to a different culture, a different religion. But they did not convince me at all because I saw people being cruel without even having an idea about what their culture values most or on what their religion is based on. My question is still: Is this really the reason why the father made that choice or his attitude can be found also in the gestures of the fathers of the patriarchal families of the present Romanian society?
The answer to this question remains open to any father, just as my thoughts will continue to gravitate around this subject whenever they have the opportunity.

See you soon,