I should write about every memorable day I spend with my friends but I forget.So this time, instead of writing of one on a single page, I am going to write about all of them from this Christmas holiday.As you're used to, we fail in many areas, but if we aced everything, you wouldn't be waiting with such joy for me  to tell you.Well, things are different since two of my girls got their driver's license.Basically, I forgot how it feels to sweat when I see the controller and I don't have a ticket to ride.But you don't have to worry, tomorrow I will remember.Besides that, they sometimes forget to turn on the headlights, they hit some ledges, or switch gas with diesel by mistake.It is an entire adventure and I wonder what I will do.We had "New Year's Eve" three times this year.We like to exagerate, as you can see.My group of friends is so varied that I sometimes wonder how did we agree to spend time together.I am grateful for them(and for their car..a little->honesty is the best poetry!).