Back when I was in 6th grade,  I really wanted to see the biology laboratory; we had never seen it and the older kids were always telling us how cool this place was.
      One day, our teacher told us that we were going to dissect a frog and we needed to do this in the laboratory;  I was so excited because we were not only going to see the laboratory, but also the inside of a frog, which seemed really cool.
      Once we got there, the place turned out to be a little different from what I expected;  everywhere in the laboratory there were jars with small animals and organs, which I wouldn’t really describe as being “cool”, and also a persistent smell of… death.
       Anyway, we were split into groups for the frog dissection; there was this pretty dumb girl in our group so there was no way I was going to let her cut open this frog. My best friend was also in the group but I still didn’t trust her enough to let her do this; cutting a frog open was a job for none other than me.
      The frog we got… well, it looked weird; it had these huge bumps on the skin and it looked pretty much like a deflated balloon. Now, when I took the blade, I didn’t know that I only needed a little pressure, and I perforated all the organs (it smelled really, really, really bad), and there was this liquid dripping out its body.
        I started getting dizzy. I remember the others asking me if I was ok and then waking up on the flo...r with everyone gathered around me.
       This experience was all in all disappointing since the laboratory wasn’t by far as impressive as I thought, and the frog dissection wasn’t at all interesting as it was disgusting.

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