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should you drive a car as soon as possible

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One of the biggest problems people seem to deal with nowadays is not having enough time.Therefore, humankind does not only create machinery to make our lives easier, but also to speed up any process.Having a car and a driver's licence seems to be a must these days.I believe that people should drive a car as soon as possible for a number of reasons.
Firstly, being able to drive a car adds some positive elements to one's character.Once one does not depend on public transport anymore, they become more punctual.At the same time, driving implies being always cautious, careful and also to anticipate.One will not forget these rules once they go outside the area of the steering wheel.
Secondly, driving used to be a matter of great importance, which is not the case anymore.People deny the right of youngsters driving, summoning the argument that they learned to drive later in their life.If one can learn anything as soon as possible, why should they choose to delay the inevitable?
Admittedly, some may say that teenagers drive violently and do not take into account traffic rules.However, not all of them should be put in the same boat since many only drive to serve the purpose the car was build for: to save some time.
In conclusion, driving does not only make our lives easier, but it also improves us as individuals.



I agree with what you have said! Nowadays, it is very important to drive because it makes your life easier and is a helpful aid in many cases. Moreover, driving the car relaxes many people and makes them forget about everyday worries. :glasses:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » should you drive a car as soon as possible