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should we choose our religion

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Even tough many centuries passed since the first time someone thought to worship a deity , religions and Church itself continues to be a great power in the era of technology.Usually people have the religion their predecessors had but they can later choose to convert to another one if they wish to.I believe that we should choose our faith for a number of reasons.
Firstly, people do not receive freedom as they might think.If one can decide for themselves what to wear every single day, they should also have the right to choose what to believe in.As time went on, people received many rights and also, many liabilities.However, it seems like the ones in power don't trust them to choose to whom they should pray.
Secondly, it is scientifically proven that when something is imposed, chances are that people will not be as interested as if they could make their own choice.The same thing happens to children which are forced to participate in activities which are not of interest.At a certain point, those children will display a natural reaction of disgust.
Admittedly, some may say that once everyone could choose their religion, there might be more arguments than there already are.However, it is more important to pray to a god one believes in than to live with some ideas they don't agree with.
In conclusion, choosing your faith is a right one should enjoy.I hope that in the near future this option will be made available so that we can taste freedom as they make us believe we do.



Religion has been controversial since the very beginning. In my opinion the best way is to let your kid decide if he wants to actually have a religion or not. He should be presented the major religions around the globe, get some research about each and every one of them and after that this should be his call if he's mature enough to decide for himself.



I'm fine with the idea of chosing our religion. But, I wonder if the actual order, the fact that we are the inheritors of ours ancestors religion, isn't anymore a good thing? Maybe we have something to learn about. I dont know... However, I consider this forum idea, a good one, and i think that you are right when you say that when something is imposed, people will not be very interested.



I agree with you when you say we should be free to chose our own religion and not necessarily believe in the religion of our ancestors just because they did. Normaly, parents would not agree to their kids converting to another religion because to them theirs is the only one e that worships the true god, but you do have some strong points of view.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » should we choose our religion