Cars have become an important  part of everyday world.We are dependent of using them. We take them for going to work, trips or even shopping, and I think they are making our everyday life easier that's why you should get your driving licens as soon as possibly. 
      Firsty, it's an efficient and common way of transport.At the beggining not anyone could think about buying a car but nowday a normal family have enough founds to buy a car, that's why we see them everywhere.
      Secondly, you should get your drive a car as soon as possibly becouse you can visit your family and your friends and so people who are far are becoming a little closer.
      Admitedly, the big number of cars means a lot of polution, at least these days, until we will have more ecological cars.
     In conclusion, you should get your driving licens  as soon as possible and drive a car becouse you might discover you have a passion for it.Altought, while in Romania you get you can't get a driving licens until your 18, in America and other countries you can drive a car by 16, of course with more rigorous terms but it seems legit