Religion can be a captious subject for some people but one of the most controversial.  In those days more and more people choose to change their religions during their lifetime.
I think you should be free to choose your own religion for a number of reasons.
      Firstly, no one should follow a religion that they donít believe. When you are born automatically you follow the religion of your family. In time, if you are not compatible with those religions and you donít find yourself in that, you might look out for one that has at the base the principles that you know are better for you and fit better for your life style.
       Secondly, you have the right to be free to choose whatever you want. The religion have an important role in our lives and is better to make a change in that way if you donít feel comfortable than to do nothing.
       Admittedly, our parents think that their religion is better for us than another one.   
       In conclusion, every people should be free to follow their own religion.