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Should teenagers drive a car as soon as possible

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As far back as Model Tís time (Ford), vehicles have been used by the masses for transportation. Later on, as technology advanced, additional features have been added to vehicles, making them gradually more and more intricate. The costs of cars also raised along with the benefits. Children nowadays already look forward to driving and becoming independent.  In my opinion, I believe that teenagers should not drive a car as soon as possible for a number of reasons.
First of all, most teenagers are not responsible. With a driverís license come risks. Youngsters must respect the rules in traffic and always be very careful, although if one is not mature enough, it would take a second of distraction to take a life. For example, driving drunk on a foggy night after a party can translate to chaos or at least a night spent in jail.
Second of all, a car needs to be maintained. Teenagers do not have an income, parents need to give them extra money besides for school and pocket money therefor and that is not convenient. Teenagers should wait until they have their own jobs and they can afford to buy themselves cars and take care of them. At the age that they will have finished college and they will have a permanent job, they will also be mature enough to drive. For example, teenagers make up 95% of deaths on the road. Why? Mommy and daddy bought them cars.
Admittedly, teenagers crave independence and having a car might make them more confident and responsible for their own lives and othersí. Also, used for short-distances, from home to college, a car can be very useful for a teenager.
In conclusion, a wheel in the wrong hands is a catastrophe, although not all youngsters are the same. Teenagers should all learn to be responsible and not put themselves or others at risk. They should not drive as soon as possible, they should wait until they feel ready and only drive when sober and calm.




Hey Claudia! Well done with the subject! I found your arguments to be very well chosen and I totally agree with you. In order to sustain your ideas I'd like to add that some of the teenagers that got a license didn't really took in consideration that they could not be mature enough because it seems cool to own a car and actually drive it. This action casts a shade of independence but they could forgive the responsibility that comes with it.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Should teenagers drive a car as soon as possible