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Should people be as fashionable ap(following fashion trends strictly)

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Fashion was always an over discussed subject and a controversial one as well. People are very preoccupied about their sense of fashion and otherís also.
In my opinion, following fashion trends strictly is an overly concern. People should not be as fashionable as possible for a number of reasons. 
Firstly, people have different occupations and interests. Some of them have not the necessary time for being always in trend and others are just not interested or they can not afford that. There are people that contributes to development of culture, people that saves lives, people who fight for the welfare of nature. Being focused on real things, they do not pay attention to what they wear.  Other people may be struggling with financial problems and maybe others prefer to help the community with their money instead of spending them on clothes.
Secondly, clothing is a form of self expression. Following fashion trends strictly is not giving us the chance to express our personality and authenticity. Many people creates their own clothes and choose to wear them to transmit something about themselves. Being stuck in the limits of popular trends, people start to wear the same type of clothes that actually represent the creativity and fashion vision of others.
Admittedly, is important to know how to dress in every context and everybody should have at least a little fashionableness but this theme should not be the main interest of someone.
In conclusion, people should not be extremely concerned about following only fashion trends and be more focused on expressing and feeling themselves.



I agree with you! We should be more concerned on expressing ourselves and our personalities throughout clothes than following the trends. It's very important to stay true to ourselves, to know what suits us and our personality and to try to be different form others because following the fashion rules implies looking the same as everyone. Also, I like the idea from the first argument. We should focus on the things that really matter rather than following fashion rules, thing that can imply a lot of time and money.



I agree with you i think that people should be more concerned about what is happening around them and maybe stop caring that about what they are wearing. Surly you can't go with slippers at an important meeting or at a wedding for example but you shouldn't be that concerned of what you are wearing because none cares that you have a gucci T-shirt or  a prada bag. You should be jhappy with what you have and of course be careful with what you wear but not be obsessed with what you wear.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Should people be as fashionable ap(following fashion trends strictly)