Nowadays more and more children are expecting a financial reward from their parents for doing a good thing or just because they have good school result. In this way some of the parents made that mistake once and the child think... it’s normal to be paid for a good grade. In my opinion, parents shouldn’t pay their children for their school results for a number of reasons.
       Firstly, children need to understand that not every child have the benefit to go to school every day and to know that the most important thing that school gives us is our education. They have to motivate themselves and to have the desire to become a better version of them...... and to develop constantly. [nu vad legatura cu subiectul]
        Secondly, paying your children to have good grades will affect them in their future adult they will become. They will expect to be paid for every action they made and will be materialistic. In this way, they won’t do things for pleasure, ......[ci/dar] just for money or something in return.
Although, paying your children for good grades can be a good method to motivate them. ........[explica]
In conclusion, parents shouldn’t pay their children for their school results and let them take a responsibility related to their future.

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