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long distance relationships

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Since the dawn of civilisation various kinds of relationships established deliberately or without will  between people .One kind of relationship over which we will come across sooner or later in life is the romantic type.This kind of connection implies involvement from both parts, as well as spending time apart from each other.I believe that long distance relationships are more indicated for a number of reasons.
Firstly, having a person on whom one depends most of the time can lead to losing their independence.In the moment one becomes accustomed that their significant other will respond to any request and also that every difficulty they meet is split in two, they will lose the capacity of relying on themselves.Once they will have to choose on their own, they will find themselves in a delicate position.Spending time apart helps avoiding establishing this overly-attached kind of behaviour.
Secondly, seeing someone after a longer time makes it more special.The moment one spends everyday with their lover, it may become dull and this could bring the relationship to an unexpected end.When it comes to a long-distance relationship, this problem could not occur since the urge of seeing their partner had to be controlled for some days.
Admittedly, some may say that the more time spent together, the better they will know each other's opinions, customs or desires.However, being 500 miles away doesn't mean one cannot talk to their lover.
In conclusion, having a relationship with someone who lives in the other hemisphere helps people build a self-reliance character and keeps the flame alive.I believe that in the future people will no longer see distance as the end of the world.



You know,I agree with you ,but sometimes distant relationships depend on person, place and feelings .If this is really important ,you may wait.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » long distance relationships