Dear Mr Murphy,
I saw your advertisement in the my actual school and I'm very interested in applying to your school. I'm  15 years old, with high grades at school , a lot of diplomas in chemistry and languages. I would appreciate if you could tell me some informations about your school.
First of all, in the article,  it says that Newton School it's the best one in our town for the students who want a future in science.  My question is : does this school have also art activities like classes where we can learn how to play on instruments because I am interested in developping my artistic part too?
It is also mentioned that you have a big chemistry equipped laboratory  with all instruments a scientist must have. We need to buy a overall or we find it there?
I didn't see nothing about rules. Could you tell me if there are some specific rules at Newton School ? Maybe about our clothes or about the schedule.
I look forward to receving details about this extrordinary school. Thank you in advance for your help.
Yours sincerely, Carolin Jambala.