The Gummy Place
    One of the most unusual places in the world is the Hiller Lake. This lake is situated in Australia and is truly special and unusual. Even if I donít see himhaven't see it , I consider that it is so impressive. It is a little strange but it looks very good to me. The lake impresses because of its special location and its unusual color. I really wanna travel across the ocean and see this wonder of nature one day. I saw pictures of this lake on the internet but I'm sure that it is looking it looks much better and more amazing in real life.
    So, what is so special at (witthout at)this lake? This is one of the only pink lakes in the world. If you look at it from above, it looks like a huge pink chewing-gum or like a strawberry milkshake. The lake is surrounded by a sandy beach beyond which you can see eucalyptus forests. So, the white sand, the forest and the pink water make an amazing contrast which looks incredible. Another thing that improves his its attraction is that the lake is located very close to the ocean. Even if its color is strange, you can swim in it like in any other normal lake.
   Then, after I had searched on the internet to see pictures of it, I really wanted to find how it was formed and why it got this color. So, it is a very salty lake with a similar salinity to that of the Dead Sea. Even though the cause of its color has not be determined yet, the specialists think that the color is given by some bacteria that produce a special pigment. Another thing that impressed me is that compared to other lakes, it is curios that the pink color of water  remains unchanged even when the water is placed in a glass or a transparent container.
For all of its beauties, the lake is considered one of the wonders of Australia.
Finally, I want to say that this lake impressed me so much with his its unusual features. I think you can rarely see something beautiful and extraordinary like this. One of my future plans will definitely be travelling to Australia to see this lake. Even if it impressed me in the pictures, I'm sure that it looks ...... thousand times more unusual and exciting in real life.

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