Dear diary,
I know I haven't written for a long time, but I think this is a good moment to do that. I feel quite alone and I need to talk to a good friend and I know I can trust you.
I'm at the new boarding school where I decided to come after I got a little messed up at home. I felt like I wanted to go as quickly as possible and this was the perfect way to distance from all, at least it seemed so. It seemed good to be away from my friends wherewith I argue a lot, or my parents who complain about me, but now it does not seem like this anymore. I had time to think and I think I could have solved the situation at home. I'm thinking of going back, but I'm still undecided. I'm afraid of failure. To go, ask for forgiveness, try to do everything well, but they still refuse me after so many. I really do not know what to do!
Now I have to go, the classes start, but Iíll write you soon to tell you my decision!