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Long-distance relationship

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In the last decade, the technology improved a lot and it become a very important part of our lives. Nowadays itís very usual to find a more likely partner on an app more than in your real life. At first, maybe a distance relationship seems to be quite simple, but I believe that the most of them break up after a short time and are quite unsuccessful for a number of reasons.
        Firstly, itís difficult to keep up the feelings when you and your partner live in different cities or country. You neither see him/her whenever you want nor talk because you can have a different schedule. In this situation you can rarely be together and do stuff like go for a walk, watch a movie or just chilling.
        Secondly, when you have an argument with your partner itís hard to discuss that in writing or on the phone because the apologies arenít the same as if him/she is beside you. The words arenít enough in a certain cases and seem to be cold.
        Although, a distance relationship itís based on trust and a lot of communication of both partners and are two of the most important things in relationships. This types of relationship aloud you to maintain your goals and concentrate on other things that are important to you and not to affect any aspect of your life.
        In conclusion, a distance relationship can be hard to have for a long time and you need to have a lot of patience and no trust issues, but it can work out if you really care at that person.



I agree with your opinion, a long-distance relationship can prove to be a challenge in most cases, but after all if your feelings for someone fade away just because of physical distance then it means the relationship wasn't that special after all. But everything happens for a reason. Maybe it wasn't the right time, maybe there is going to be a better chance, a closer one. Follow the river and you will reach the sea .


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Long-distance relationship