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Should we pay our children for their school results

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Nowadays children become more and more finical expecting from their parents to reward them for getting good grades. Some of their parents make this mistake. Therefore these children will think itís the natural course of things and will ask for more eventually.
In my opinion, parents should not pay their children for their school results for a number of reasons.
Firstly, children need to have their own responsibility even if they are just children. Not every child in this world has the privilege of going to school and children should understand the fundamental role of what school gives us: education.  They should be taught that school is already rewarding them and their motivation should come from their inner, from their desire to become better and capitalize their knowledge. Parents are the ones who should transmit to their children the value of education and opportunities that school provides.
Secondly, paying their children for their school results will have a considerable effect on the future adult they will become. Thus, as an adult he will be expecting to be paid for everything, to receive something from every action. They will grow by the type of materialist person that is guided by money or getting something in return. Also, they will not do things by pleasure and their decisions will be made on a winning basis.
Admittedly, paying children for good results at school is a way of motivating them, a good stimulant of the interest of being a good student which works most often on them but is not right morally speaking.
In conclusion, parents should not pay their children for taking good results at school given that school is a privilege, a responsibility that must be respected  by pleasure and their assured way to success.

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I agree! Sadly, more and more parents think that paying children for their school results will help them increase their grades, but in reality, this will only make them think that everything they do, needs to be rewarded. I think parents should teach their little ones to appreciate everything they have and to studyhard, because they are making a favor to themself, and maybe they wouldn't notice for a while, but in future they will find it useful.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Should we pay our children for their school results