Many times, in long-term relationships, the two have to separate themselves, either because of work or family. Some remain together, others split because it seems impossible. Should distance relationships be encouraged or discouraged?
I believe that long distance relationships should be discouraged for a number of reasons.
Firstly, long distance relationships do not resist due to distrust. When in a relationship intervenes the distance, some uncertainty comes to the surface, like the fear of losing the loved one. Because we
can not be there next to our partner, only through the Internet, many questions arise and lack of trust tells speaks. This is the most common reason when it comes to the problems of long distance relationships and their closure.
Secondly, one of the partners might attach to someone else. If the relationship is not so strong, one of the partners, due to lack of love, lack of affection, can attach to another person. Someone who is near them, close when they need it and can offer them much more than in the current relationship, where things have cooled because they communicate only on the Internet.
Admittedly, it is important to fight for the loved one and try to make things work, and there are many ways of online communication. However, things can never work as well as before and nobody should suffer far away from their loved one.
In conclusion, that long distance relationships should be discouraged because of the insecurity that comes to the surface far away and the necessity of affection, love close to them.