Dear Diary,
     I have been thinking a lot about things Iím thankful for.  Here are a few that seems most relevant to me.
     First thing first, I am grateful for my imperfect family. It was never a common one and less so from the moment its members have dwindled. In this context, I was (somehow) lucky to get precious skills from an early age, such as independence, courage and a clear distinction between good and bad. As my older sister has the biggest contribution to my growth, Iím mostly like her, and this has proven to be a good thing in time.
     Another major thing Iím grateful for is my own existence, but not in an egocentric way. Through my being, I learned how complex and surprising life is. From a single cell, a fascinating ensemble is growing. I am a rational living being aware of these miracles and that makes me so filled with gratitude.