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should you choose your own religion?

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Religion means to have faith in God is close to be a christian but not the same.
Choosing the religion is an old problem between the teenagers. In my opinion  a person should choose his own religion  for a number of reason
First of all, our human right gave us the choice to choose what we want to be or to do so we have the right.
Secondly,   every religion have some tradition so maybe we don't like the tradition of our religion that our parents gaved us, maybe now we have some other taste and  the religion that we have doesn't sounds good to us and another is more ,,lovely" .
On the other hand we should  be proud of our religion and continuing with that cause no matter waht in the world is just a God, obviously  we are not oblicated to to this is just about our mentality.
In conclusion we should choose our religion, because we have the right to do this.



I support your opinion and your ideas.  :idea: Indeed, each of us has the right to choose his own religion  to find himself. It is very important to know what we want and the religion we choose to be a help for us.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » should you choose your own religion?