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Dear Diary

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Dear Diary,
    I would like to be different. Iím tired of being locked in this loop. Can things deviate from the pressing routine of daily life? I have understood for some time that everyoneís life must follow a fixed path in order to survive in this society. However, I still have problems to accept that. My life is as monotonous as possible right now and that gives me a slight irritation. I tried to identify the causes and I found the following: 1. I always charge the future with the task of making my destiny more exciting instead of working with the present time; 2. Although I am a sociable person, I find difficult to dedicate myself to someone with whom to spend my time and to create unforgettable memories; 3. In spite of the fact that I aspire to unconventional amd spontaneous, Iím a very cautious person. As you could tell, my personality will never represent a magnet for extravagant, new, in continous adrenaline. Iíve been working with acceptance lately.



I really enjoyed reading this diary page. Sometimes I am flooded with the same thoughts you send here. At the moment of life, I think it is quite difficult to accept the course of life, given that we are at the age of great changes, but certanly after graduating high school everything will change fot the better. Be strong!  :flirt:



I understand perfectly your experiences because I have often been put in such circumstances. The fact that we do not feel good in the environment in which we operate is the result of the fact that today's people are very bad and think only of their own. Try to ignore external factors and be proud of yourself! :shine:



Oh, how much I can relate to you. Routine is the worst thing in this world. You don't feel any progress within your being, you feel bored, tired. I can relate to that. I always try to be as chore-less or work-less as possible, so that I can have time to get out of my routine. It helps! You should try! Oh, and anytime you have the oportunity to go out, meet new people and try new things, don't let fear stop you! If you'll keep letting it get in your way, you won't do anything with your life, and it'll remain like this.



Acceptance. How much I hate this word. Donít get me wrong, I hate its meaning.  I accept that after day comes night and the fact that I have to eat in order to stay alive, but I would never accept something that I donít want to. You donít like your life as it is? Do something. You can do whatever you want. You can be whoever you want to be. Do not let the situations or the people you encounter in your life to make you accept things as they are. You can change them. Forget ďacceptanceĒ, start doing something that actually will make you feel better about yourself and your life.  (Get a cat and watch Rick and Morty for starters. This was a trap, you donít have to accept what I just said :)) )

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Dear Diary