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Dear Diary,
Being home-sick is more and more difficult to overcome, but every conversation with you makes me feel better. Today I had a productive day and many good results. The day started well because in the morning I passed the final exam. Then after one hour the results were displayed. Know that all the work and the sleepless nights were not in vain because it was the highest mark. For this reason I will not pay the college fee for the next semester. This success should be celebrated. I was with my friends in a café where we were really chilling out. We celebrated the end of the session and we enjoyed the time in our group. When I came back home, I decided to start reading the book you made me a Christmas present. I want to tell you that it is very interesting and I like it very much. Today I think I will finish it.
I cannot wait to come home…Miss you!
Kisses and hugs,



I know what it means to overcome a stressful period. I'm a person interested in school too and it's such a pleasant feeling to get good results after a period of hard work.  It's my lbelief that every small success will eventually lead to something sizeable.  :blush:



It's best to relax after a stressful period. And friends are the best medicine. I also remember that I had exams and was a very stressful period. I just could not resist anymore. But as soon as I finished, I started to go out with my friends every day and have fun. Even if we go through stressful periods, it is very important to socialize, even if we forget about it. Otherwise, we can get worse.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » Journal Page