Dear diary,
      My blog is getting more visitors, which makes me feel good. I know I wrote two days, but too many things happend here. Can you believe I went swimming with Daemon? Me neither. You know, sometimes it's so obnoxious, but sometimes it feels like he's trying to protect me. I have no idea why but it does. From what he protects me, I do not know. He visited today and had the same arrogance. Yesterday he tried to kiss me, and today he said me to forget. As if I'd have liked to remember.
      I do not know what made me hate. I always tried to be polite. Sarah invited me to spend the beginning of the year, which takes place next weekend. Daemon told me not to think about going out with Sarah without him, and she confirmed that he was just trying to be protective. I no longer understand anything. You know, I do not know much about them. Not even living with their parents. Instead, it is a girl that chasing his stale. Ash. I do not like it, it does not inspire confidence.
      I'm not jealous, but I just do not trust it. It's so beautiful, and her features are perfect. I think that they are loved, although Sarah denies this and says Daemon break up by her a long time ago, but, she doesn't accept. However, it does not matter. Now go get some rest. Sarah go shopping tomorrow. We must choose outfits for the party.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Love, Samantha.

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