Over time, fashion has changed, the designers came up with more and more courageous ideas in accordance with the times. Is fashion another pattern we must obey?
I believe that people should not be as fashionable as possible for a number of reasons.
Firstly, every person's style is unique. As the phrase says there is no accounting for tastes, neither for style. Everyone has their own opinions, ideas, fashion preferences and they must follow them, not to obey an imposed pattern.
Secondly, fashion isnít set in stone. Popular styles change month by month, and to always fit into them, to be able to keep up can be quite tiring and expensive. Few afford this, but the vast majority does not have the resources to be always fashionable.
Admittedly, it's nice to always be appreciated for your clothing. However, you can get many compliments even with your ordinary clothes if you make some effort to stylish them.
In conclusion, people should not be as fashionable as possible because they have their own style and they do not have to obey an imposed patter. Also, it is tiring and expensive to be always in trend and not everybody can afford.