Dear diary,
      Unpacking does not seem so bad when I think of my neighbor meeting this morning. It is simply an impossible man. It's so arrogant. Instead, his sister Sarah is so good and educated. I do not understand how it supports ....... . Can you believe she does not like gardening? I do not understand. Try to keep his sister away from me, as if I were some strange ....... . However, read my blog, which I find quite strange, given that I do not support ..... .
     If I am good to think, and Sarah is a little strange, but not in the bad sense. Both emerald green eyes, unparalleled. Mom says I should be more polite Daemon. But how to endure such arrogant man? He invited me to swim together, really challenged me. I do not think I will take part in it. I do not even want to be friends. Uff, who understand........  it?
     The good part of this day is that I have internet again, and now I can post a new review on my blog. Last book I read is a detective novel. The main character is a young woman who robs to support his family. ........ Chief Commissioner is in love with her, which makes it not arrest ........... , at least for a moment. I think I talked too much. I must run longer blog post.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Love, Samantha!

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