Dear diary,
      My name is Samantha, I have 17 years and I recently moved to West Virginia with my mom. After my father died, my mother decided to move from Florida in the desire to start again. I've been here two days and I still have a lot to unpack. I'm tired of sitting through boxes. I hate even more than that I'm here. But, at least not jump up every sound you hear in our beautiful house. I wrote a few days on the blog, and this makes me feel bad. Mother calls this "Samantha's Folly". Books for me a means of escape. I feel that I get into a book and leave someone else. And when I think of all those discard the boxes do not know what .. This gave me a push. I am determined to finish unpacked by tonight so I can get to read. My only pleasure that I was not stolen.
      I plan to go out these days to the nearest store and get something for gardening. Dad and I loved gardening. Most often we feel time passes without. I'm going to fill flower front garden. Across the street we live two teenagers. I suppose they are brothers. I'm going to go tomorrow to invite my neighbor to go with me. I think I could use to make some friends here. Over two weeks they start school and I think I could help you move more easily from the "new girl". I ran unpacking. We hear soon.
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Love, Samantha.

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