Should we be as formal as possible or should we be as informal as possible?

We live in a society where the image you show to the world is very important, sometimes even vital to achieving goals.
We all agree that the way we behave makes a deep impression on the image we have in society, on our personality. Here comes the question: Should we be as formal as possible or adopt a relaxed, friendly attitude with those around us?
The answer to this question is hard to offer because each person is different, seeing the world differently and has different needs. It is difficult to choose one of these two options because we should find a middle way.
However, I believe that a friendly attitude and good intentions can always be a solution in the relationships between people.
Firstly, an informal attitude can help you communicate with others around you, but it also helps others start conversations with you. I think you can always approach a person who seems more cheerful, open and talkative because you start with a stronger aplomb. For example, shy people do not have the habit of talking to other people. In a group, they will always look for people who seem approachable.
Secondly, thinking and acting positively and having a relaxed attitude will reduce our stress. For example, very rigid people who always have to control their deeds tends to suffer from anxiety due to lack of communication with others.
It is true that in some domains it is necessary to be formal in order to gain respect and sometimes even authority in a group, but all these can also be acquired with a benevolent attitude and sociable behavior.
In conclusion, I support adopting an informal attitude because I think it brings people closer. My hope for the future is that people begin to be more open to each other.

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