Young people generally dream of the time when they become drivers. Having a driving license in your pocket means for them a new world full of new possibilities, but also more responsibility. 
     In my opinion, young people should not run before reaching the age of 20 years. There are statistics that concerns us in this regard. Yes, all figures show that car accidents are the leading cause of death among young people. 
     Firstly, teenage youth lack discernment. Most ....... still childish and are not aware of the responsibility they have when driving. For example, the number of young people .......[care] are controlled by the speed mania ....... ......[e mare] . They cause many accidents with many casualties. These accidents can sometimes lead to death.
     Secondly, young people receive powerful machines ...... are hard to control. 'These involve competitions, races and competitions, Talking on the phone while driving and focuses its attention not on the road. For example, young people today are puppets of the technology, Talking on the phone, listening to very loud music, and their attention is distributive[??]. This can cause many accidents.
     Admittedly it is good that a young man driving a car as a means of personal transportation ....... [pentru ca asta e] is practical and affordable.
     In conclusion, it is important for young people to drive after they complete discretion, even if the car would be the most affordable means of transport.

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