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Dear Diary,
I write to you far from home. I do want to share the experience I have been living for a few days. A week ago, I was invited by my colleagues to go for a weekend in Venice. I have heard from many persons it is a wonderful city with many beautiful places that could surprise any visitor. Since I had landed I understood that it will become the city of my soul and that it will surprise me from all points of view. The inhabitants of the city are very welcoming. They are smiling to you on the street, so you feel in the right place. It makes you forget your worries and catch the pulse of this wonderful city. The gondola rides, being in fact the main means of transportation in the city, makes you transpose into another world. The historic buildings remind you of the glorious past of the city and the St. Marko square full of doves is the place you should be, if you do not believe in fairy tales anymore. The symbol of the city is the carnival mask - full of color and magic, makes you redeem yourself and find yourself in the tumult of this world. I will never forget this experience, because it has made me forget everyday worries and think more about my spiritual well-being. Venice is special to me and I will be glad to come back here whenever this opportunity will come. Moreover, I would like the next experience to spend together and to see, with your eyes, the beauties of this city. I love you and I can hardly wait to visit Venice together!
I hope you are doing well.




I like your story. Venice is a very beautiful and crowded city that you deserve to see. I'm glad you gave with the gondola I  hope you can repeat the experience. :cool:



Your experience was really great! I'm glad that you visited such a beautiful village like Venice. What impressed me the most was the gondola as the main mean of transport. To me, Venice is a really wonderful place to spend the weekend in and I'm happy you did it. Wish you all the best!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » Journal Page