Since small, some children refuse to do homework, read, and if finally out such actions, they made lightly.
        In my opinion, we should pay children for school performance.
Firstly, if we pay they will make sacrifices just for money or sweets. It is good to stimulate them in another way. For example, you could generate interest in knowing if we manifest this interest. We talk to the children about things they know or that only I know.
Secondly, if we pay children for school performance they never really will not learn, but will make "gains" above results. For example, if we cease to flatter them for successful, they will only dispense learn.
       Admittedly, it is important to stimulate children to buy gifts for successful and take care to maintain ignited interest in school.
       In conclusion, I support the idea that a child must be stimulated by means of its own because it will increase interest in school. It is good to reward him from time to time, but it would be better not to make a habit of it.