Dear Manager,

I am writing today to complain about the services provided by your restaurant on the evening of January 5. Some friends and I together took dinner here and throughout the whole evening we faced a lot of problems.
First of all, the table we booked a few days before for 18:00 was already taken and we arrived on time. A gentleman guided us to another table where it was necessary to add two more chairs to be alright. Further more the restaurant's atmosphere was completely ruined by the music, which was too loud. In my opinion, the music had nothing to do with the specificity of the place, although I have no knowledge of it.
Secondly, we were forced to wait for an hour to get all the food, which apparently was not the best. The next day, a few of us woke up with stomachache and headache, which is the reason why I write this letter. The waiter was not very kind with us, I think we bothered him because we were many, the order was big and he needed a lot of time to write down in his notebook. From my point of view some prices are exaggerated given the product I received in return.
In conclusion, your restaurant needs changes everywhere, because there is no cooperation and balance in what you are trying to do. I hope to receive an explanation for what has happened and I also hope that issues like this will be resolved in the future. Thank you for your time!
                                                                                                    Yours faithfully,
                                                                                                        Viorica Dala

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