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Should we choose our religion

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These days religion is a very controversial subject and more and more people choose to change their religion during their lifetime.
In my opinion, everybody should be free to choose the religion they are willing to follow for the rest of their lives.
Firstly, nobody should follow a religion that they do not believe in because the religion represents your beliefs.  When you are born, you automatically follow the religion of your family and the dogmas of that religion. If you are not compatible with their principles (developed in time) and you do not feel like you are properly respecting your family’s religion, it means that you do not belong to that religion, that it does not represents your beliefs and your way of looking at this world, at life in itself, in other words, it is not your religion and you should change it in order not to feel forced to follow dogmas that you do not believe in.
Secondly, in our world there is something called “the right to free expression” which allows people to speak out their mind and their beliefs, whatever they are. Thinking about religion, which is based on beliefs and ways of seeing life, and the right to free expression, it actually gives people the right to freely express their will to change their families’ religion that they are “trapped” with since birth. If any individual feels “trapped” with their actual religion, they really should look into changing it with one that gives them good feelings.
Admittedly that changing your religion is not easy and it involves dealing with different aspects like exterior judgment, self wondering or incertitude about what religion you should follow next, but these things should not represent an obstacle in your way to your inner peace.
In conclusion, each individual should change his/her religion if they feel like it.



Hy,Spaghettiforregretti!I think you are right, we should not theoretically follow a religion whose values are not compatible with our thinking. It is all the better if you change your religion through life, because it has matured, you can decide for yourself what is good or not for your own person. For example, if you do not consider that the connection with God must be conditioned by icons or priests, you can choose another religion that is based on direct contact with God, such as Protestant. :flag:



You are right! I think that nowdays, you should do all the things you consider that are useful for you and your soul, as long as you're not hurting anybody. Some religions are not based on what we should do, but on what we shouldn't. So if we are not happy with our religion, we are able to discover other cultures and decide what we want.



Hello, Spaghettiforregretti!I think you are right. Nowadays, anyone should have the freedom to choose their religion, because they may not represent them as people, or perhaps they do not identify with the values promoted by that religion. Ps: a wonderful composition!


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