We were accustomed from childhood to make the right choices and to assume them. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream, plain biscuits or chocolate biscuits, water or mineral water, but I never asked what religion we would like to follow.
     In my opinion, it is important for everyone to follow and live a lifestyle as religion which he prefers.
     Firstly, most children are born in families already following a certain religion. After maturing, most people are not in the religion they were born. It is important that they make the right choice and feel free. For example, some religions make rules and impose certain actions just because they have more control over the people. People who realize this accede to another religion to give them more freedom and to support them in their efforts.
     Secondly, we should give us the right to believe what we want, not to impose us. We should be allowed to express our faith anyway we think fit. For example, most people give up religion that are not in it. After birth parents get religion. If you do not feel comfortable ditched relgion fear not accept new rules to limit our lives.
     Admittedly religion is important and good to follow the teachings of elders and receive properly. It is important not to let anyone limit.
     In conclusion, it is therefore important to choose our own religion, to feel free to express our faith as we believe.

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